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Lessons, workshops and camps are held in my home studio and sewing space in Herriman (Rosecrest area). Contact me for large group location possibilities (more than 8 participants).

Group rates are available if you are interested in a course or workshop at your location or mine. Perfect for Birthday Parties, Girls Night, Homeschool, After-school or Youth groups. Contact me!


Frequently Asked Questions

At what age is my child ready to learn machine sewing?

By age 9 most children have the attention span and hand-eye coordination to manage both the sewing machine and the layers (literally the layers of cloth, and figuratively the layers of sewing concepts going on at once). Certainly younger children can learn the basics, especially with one-on-one guidance. I have taught children and adults at every age! I go at their pace and encourage an early love (and proper technique) of sewing.

My group classes and workshops are not recommended for children under age 9, unless they are already experienced and comfortable using a machine independently.

Do I need to own a machine before starting lessons?

If you already own a machine, it's ideal if you bring it to lessons. Learning how your machine works, and having someone to help you navigate its unique features will give you more confidence to sew on your own. ​


The best way to learn sewing is to sew, and most of the learning comes by working through mistakes and problem solving as you create. So it's ideal if you have a way to practice at home.​ However, if you are just exploring a possible new hobby, it makes sense to wait to purchase a machine. Some students take the introductory course and then buy a machine. This gives them a chance to not only decide they are committed to sewing, but also to know what machine features are important to them. Not everyone has the same priorities when it comes to machine features. During lessons I can help you figure out what you might want to look for.

Studio machines are available for students to use while here. Enrolled students may borrow a machine for practice at home, for an additional $15 per week.

What are the differences between Lessons and Workshops?

Lessons are best for those wanting ongoing instruction and individual focus. They are usually taught privately, or you can register with a friend or family member for a discounted rate. The emphasis in lessons is sound understanding of when, why and how to use different sewing techniques. My goal is for you to feel confident enough about your machine and the concepts learned that you can apply them to all kinds of projects on your own. Beginners start with an Intro Course, and can follow that up with weekly lessons. The commitment is one month at a time.

Workshops are taught in a group setting, usually 4-6 people at once. The focus of workshops is the project: you register to make a specific project and the instructor teaches you how to do that. Workshops are best for those with some sewing experience, though the projects are usually geared toward beginners. We learn best by sewing (including the inevitable mistakes that happen), so help is available to navigate the skills needed in the workshop.

It is possible to schedule a lesson course or workshop for your private group, in your location. Ask about group rates!

What if I am unable to attend a lesson due to illness?

I ask that you please stay home if you are either unwell (with any illness) or know you have been exposed to someone who is contagious. I prefer to reschedule a lesson or re-book you into a future workshop in order to keep myself and others well. There are no refunds for cancelled or missed sessions.

Can you recommend a good machine?

The machine you eventually buy should depend on what you plan to do with it. If you plan to sew occasionally, on mid-weight materials, most basic machines will suffice. If your plans include heavy fabrics or thick layers (denims, upholstery, quilting) or you plan to sew a great deal, you will want a more heavy-duty machine with a capable motor. Generally speaking the more heavy the machine is (and usually there is a higher cost involved), the more metal parts are used and the more work it can handle..

Another factor to consider is features. What is important to you? Do you want needle position flexibility, decorative stitching, speed control, top or front-loading bobbin? Most machines have all the basic features a beginning sewist will need and aesthetics, convenience and quality are the main difference. I recommend determining your budget and then researching to buy the best machine within that budget. No need to spend thousands of dollars on a first machine. There are several good starter machines in the $200--$400 range. I generally lean toward mechanical vs low-end computerized models for beginners.

Don't be afraid of older machines. Often they are built better than newer, inexpensive models. If you come across an older machine with features you want, it's worth taking it into a machine repair shop to have it cleaned and tuned up. All machines will need this service once in awhile--annually if you sew a lot. Ask me for recommendations.

What kinds of projects are included with Lessons?

My private and semi-private lessons are designed to teach specific concepts and proper technique. Each session is planned around different concepts, and my priority is teaching those well. The most interesting way to learn sewing, however, is by making something! I like students to create a project during every lesson, but I choose projects that demonstrate the concept we're learning. This not only shows you the practical application of the concept, but gives you additional practice on the technique.​ Projects are one takeaway from lessons, but the bigger goal is teaching the concept and technique. I usually have a few fabric choices for the student, to personalize the project.

At any point after the introductory six sessions, you may choose to register for Independent Project Support sessions. Here we will work on whatever projects you have in mind, and learn as we sew.


About Amy

My husband and I recently relocated to Herriman after raising our family in Charlottesville, Virginia for many years. As Utah natives, we are excited to come "home" and once again be near extended family and the beautiful Oquirrh and Wasatch mountains.

I began teaching sewing in 2018 while in Charlottesville, and discovered a love of sharing this classic art with others. It's satisfying to share a knowledge I've taken for granted many years, and to see another's excitement as they begin to understand how things are made--and that it's within their reach to create it themselves. I love working with a fantastic variety of students, both men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

I began sewing at age ten, taking classes through jr. high and high school and learning much from my talented mother. Mom was an incredible sewist who could replicate anything she saw, and it often meant I didn't get the trendy clothes off the rack. I wish I'd appreciated all those homemade dresses back then.

In the decades since, I've enjoyed sewing for my children and home, including clothing, crafts, costumes, gifts, curtains, bedding and more. I've taught individuals and church groups, and have also sold my items in craft shows and boutiques in CT, UT and VA. And I enjoy the challenge of continuous learning, myself! Besides sewing, I enjoy gardening, traveling, and anything that involves spending time with my family. I am a mom of three with an awesomely supportive husband. 

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